Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery for Print & Mail
None of us wants to imagine the toll that a natural or man-made disaster can take on our businesses. In the event that your business facility is rendered unusable, how will your business survive?
Digital Data Centers manages disaster recovery and business continuity plans through two data, print and mail center facilities in the United States, with multiple accesses via secure wireless or land line. Utilizing your output from the mainframe, backup archive mainframe, or from the Ricoh Processing Director (RPD), data can be directed to the data center for processing, review, approval, printing, mail and email output per the established SLA during the declaration of a disaster recovery incident.
invoice redesign, bill redesign
The disaster recovery plan will include a passive or active test process with document validation for all of your document programs including data receipt, process, print, insert and sample validation. This process will further allow for testing of your document modifications and configuration objects.

Business Continuity Plan
The plan is to ensure that the essential business functions are able to continue (or re-start) in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
Critical areas of the business
The central repository for all document services is the data center in Glendale Heights, IL with a redundant disaster recovery site in Tempe, AZ.
* 99.7% Uptime SLA and 2 hour hardware replacement with Hot-Site option selection
* Print engines include black, color & MICR
* Mail, email and web delivery
* 24 hour active network availability, monitoring and notification
* Multiple backbone providers
* Fire suppression via multiple sprinkler
* Redundant Liebert ventilation & cooling units
* Redundant UPS system for conditioned and consistent power levels

Internal Infrastructure
The management hosting infrastructure can be quickly switched to our internal Hosting Center. In the event that the IT facility causes the Business Continuity Plan to be implemented, all hosted clients will be officially informed (written and verbal) with details on how they can access their hosted mirror site(s).

View Critical Documents Online
Only authorized users can view documents. Rigorous document handling procedures are followed to protect your documents from the time they leave your desktop until posted on the secure area at your website.
Engineered as an "electronic file cabinet", the secure website protects your documents with the latest security technology including:
* Scanning center & communications line to hosting site
* 128 bit encryption
* firewall protection
* user passwords

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