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Great Selling Tips for Our Distributors
Need a good reason to talk to your customer about bill presentment and payment?
invoice redesign, bill redesign
With the end of summer coming up soon, this is a great time to lead in with invoice and/or statement redesign. If their statements and/or bills still look like this…black and white with poorly organized information and no graphics…schedule a meeting with the Finance Department.
With a redesign, customers will be able to cross sell and promote their other services right directly on their invoice and/or statement. Here are a few examples. Be creative, these examples can be used for both B2B and B2C.
“End of Summer Save 20% Through August 31, 2017”
“Back to School Online Sidewalk Sale”
“Summer Clean Up Day…You Clean Up on Savings”
By showing your customers a full-proof way of getting their message out…and seen on invoices and statements they’ll be interesting in know more and how. Now that you’re in front of them be sure to ask if their billing is processed in-house or with a provider. Then ask if you can explore their current method so you can tell them how much they can save off their fixed expense each month.
Remember, keeping Digital Data Centers in your everyday selling gets you into new departments with reoccurring business each month….and each year.
Acquiring and Retaining Customers Means Proving High Value Customer Support
customer support
When a company is evaluating a billing automation solution, they get to ‘hear’ how great they are at customer service and support. But how often do they prove it during the sales cycle?
Once you’ve identified a customer interested in billing automation, your customer will get the opportunity to know the people behind the technology, servicing them each day. Whether they know about Digital Data Centers or not, we always prove high value customer service and support.
Your customer will be introduced to a Customer Service Representative (CSR), their main point of contact. This person will either know the answer or know how to get the answer quickly. The CSR will guide them through their transition ensuring all deadlines are met fully and completely. They will project manage all aspects keeping the customer and you well on track and well informed. There are many people behind the scenes implementing the work. They meet regularly before, during and after the implementation ensuring accuracy, on-time delivery and an on-budget project.
With revenue being the lifeblood of any company, our job is to prove a smooth transition and build a trusting, quality relationship for today and tomorrow.
Contact me personally to find out how we can assist in expanding your business offerings to your clients. call 630-384-0906 direct
Critical Document Delivery: That’s Immediate, Secure & Profitable
esecure chart
Are you the type of distributor that sells automation solutions? Interested in solving a customer’s more challenging problems? Your customers ARE searching for automation solutions that provide immediate communications to collect the “amount due” on an invoice faster.
The Critical Document Delivery Graphic quickly and easily shows exactly what we do for your customers. Need a one-on-one demo for a detailed explanation on how this benefits your customers bottom line?
A Personal Webinar
Because we know you are the type of distributor that solves your customer’s issues, Digital Data Center’s wants to help you out…even more!
We’ll give you a $1,000 worth of programming credit. Is that good? That’s up to you. Once the business is closed, and we’re starting to implement your customer’s new automation system, you get to choose if you want to keep the $1,000 for yourself, or pass the savings on to your customer. Your call, our gift for giving us a try.