Billing Automation for Critical Documents: Invoices, Statements & Checks

Billing automation means getting invoices, statements and even checks out to the customer the way they want to receive it: mail, fax, email...or even a combination of two or all three methods of delivery. What's most important about the Digital Data Centers' billing automation is our extensive security, ensuring complete safety of your data from start to finish. Learn about esecure our 100% encrypted and 0% exposed security system for data-in-transit. It's a part of our complete security system.

Invoice, Payment & Archive for Fast Revenue Collections

Collect Money Faster with eArchive

Access and retrieve critical documents, statements, invoices and checks with eArchive. eArchive can be used as a standalone system or seamlessly used with our print to mail and email solution as critical documents are directly imported and can be immediately available online with security authorization. Credit Managers say, "Access to documents increased collections."

NexPress Delivers Print that You can See & Feel

Send high impact marketing direct mail, brochures, postcards and booklets like never before. Print what you need with bright bold colors, high gloss finish and texture of various depths to emulate the look and feel of the product you want to sell. See and feel the rough terrain of the great outdoors to the textures of lettuce, lemons & watermelon. Your imagination with our NexPress printer, you'll get great looking results. Watch our video on NexPress and see it for yourself what dimensional printing is all about.

Dynamic Cross-Selling & Upselling for Increased Branding and Exposure of Your Products & Services

Let your invoices and statements help you market and sell more services and products with black and white, spot color or 4 color promotions! The FREE advertising space is right on your bill, statement or memo, documents that are always read by customers or members. Change the Dynamic Cross-Selling & Upselling monthly, weekly and segment the audience on a single print run. Learn more about our Dynamic Cross-Selling & Upselling program.